Choose a Workshop

Choose a workshop from the list that most closely describes your group's needs:
One Group, Many Voices (Team Building)
No Apologies: Confident Speech (Presentation Skills)
Accents in Action (Dialects/Improv)
Voice & Movement (Character Work)
Shake Out Your Shakespeare (Embodied Text) ...


Create Your Own

Work with Matthew to design your own unique workshop!

Workshops are tailored specifically to the skills and experiences you would like to achieve.

Pick a general concept, and we will collaborate to fit the workshop to the skill level and number of participants in your group.


Concepts for Creating Workshops include: Team Building, Presentation Skills, Persuasion/Argument, Dialects/Accents, Character Work, Improv Acting, Voice&Movement, Speech Technique, Textwork/Shakespeare, Interpersonal Communication ...

  • Once you have chosen a workshop or concept, contact Matthew Hultgren to discuss Rates, Schedule, and Payment. In your message, please provide a brief description of your available spaces for the workshop. (exs. small gymnasium, 50-seat classroom, proscenium stage, black box theater, etc.)
  • Prices are flexible, based on duration of the workshop, number of participants, and distance from Philadelphia, PA
  • Most workshops are 1 day, for 2-4 hours total. Two or Three-part workshops (1-2 hrs each) can be scheduled for large groups over the course of a week.
  • Suggested # of participants: 6-12, 12-20, 20-40. Even numbers are recommended for group work. Make sure you have enough space for the group. Larger numbers may be split into multiple workshops.

Contact Matthew for information on Scheduling, Rates, and Payment