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You found it! Here’s some information about me and what I do:

I am a professional Acting, Voice, and Dialect Coach. I nurture the Art and Science of human communication, as both a performer and as a teaching artist. It is my mission and my passion to help people master their most effective communication, both in life and on the stage.

I have worked as an actor and educator for well over a decade. It is my long held belief that people must continually develop greater self-awareness, deeper empathy, and take clearer action if they wish to express themselves with impact and authenticity.

My job, as a coach, is to facilitate that process, making it less stressful, more fulfilling, and most of all, fun!

Private Lessons and Group Workshops are perfect opportunities for actors, professionals, and students to develop their skills.

My own experience – as an actor, singer, dancer, and teacher – allows me to quickly recognize issues of presence, focus, physicality, breath, phonation, articulation, and imaging, and to approach them with intuitive understanding and practical solutions.

I train students through fun exercises, quick tips, technical feedback, and a good boost of confidence! My students and clients become my friends, because I am invested in their joys, their struggles, and their successes, no matter what the goal might be.

Through coaching, I help students to:

  • Activate and Energize Dramatic Text for the stage

  • Clarify speech, action, and personal communication

  • Prepare Monologues and Songs for professional or school auditions

  • Improve vocal production for healthier speaking and singing

  • Create Dialects and Characters for professional performance

  • Explore and modify Accents in scenework, singing, and conversation

  • Practice for public performances, presentations, and debates


I always enjoy meeting ambitious communicators and artists looking for self-improvement.

Together, I know we can achieve your Acting, Voice, and Dialect goals!



Matthew Hultgren

Matthew teaches the fundamental skills of performance and professional communication, specializing in the areas of Acting Technique, Vocal Production, and Speech & Dialect Training. He happily makes his home in Philadelphia, PA, and offers his services to beginning students, professional performers, theater companies, and universities in the Great Northeastern Megalopolis! (anywhere between Boston, MA and Washington, D.C.)

My Approach

Many students learn that it is important to "form good habits" and "break bad ones."

Well, I like to turn that idea on its head:
Habits have no moral value. They aren't good or bad - they just are. All of the performance and communication habits we acquire in our lives can turn out to be useful. After all, these habits are how we've learned to overcome the challenges of our world so far. They can't simply be un-learned, or denied.

Instead, I encourage my students to appreciate the lessons and habits they have already acquired in life, and learn how to build on them, using the new and unfamiliar skills I teach.

When approaching Acting, Voice, and Dialect work, I see the benefits of drawing from a student's own unique history and talents. No skill, habit, or previously held belief about your voice is off the table. Every experience you've had can become a tool to improving the clarity and impact of your expression right now!

WIN_20161005_153805 (4).JPG

Similarly, I draw upon my own eclectic experiences to create a shorthand of practical solutions for coaching. I have trained in methods of contemporary and classical acting, heightened text-work, improv comedy, singing and musical theater, dance and movement, higher education and pedagogy, public speaking, and even "best practices" of customer service. I incorporate the most effective lessons from all areas of my diverse training, and I like to allow my students to do the same."


Matthew is one of a small collection of Theater professionals to have earned an MFA in Advanced Theater Training, Voice and Speech Pedagogy from Harvard University, American Repertory Theater Institute and the Moscow Art Theater School. This diverse, yet focused, teacher training program has allowed Matthew to study with Associate and Master Teachers of Fitzmaurice Voicework®, Certified and Master Teachers of Alexander Technique (ATI), and to continue his implementation of skills from Linklater Voice, Patsy Rodenburg, Lessac Kinesensic Training, Knight-Thompson Speechwork, and the Edith Skinner Method of speech for the stage. He is a proud member of both VASTA and ATHE, and as an actor he has been both AEA and non-equity. In addition, Matthew has over 2 decades of training in Dance (ballet, tap, jazz, modern, and ballroom), a BFA in Theater Arts/Musical Theater from University of the Arts, and is a graduate of the IFA Advanced Improv Program at The Second City Training Center in Chicago, IL.


*For more information about Matthew's experience and qualifications, click on CV/RESUME on the Links page.

PRIVATE Coaching


Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are one-on-one, private coaching intensives, focused on your own personal Acting, Voice, or Dialect goals.
Perfect for rehearsing monologues and songs; receiving feedback for public speeches, persuasive arguments, and debates; energizing text for auditions; learning or modifying accents; or just for brushing up on your vocal production and singing technique.

  • Choose a 1 hr. Session, or a 30 min. Session for a quick brushup
  • Choose an In-Person Session, or a Live Video Session for your convenience
  • Supplemental materials (print, audio, video) are provided when available, at no charge!
  • Receive follow-up support via phone, email, or video
  • Schedule Sessions 2 weeks in advance for best availability
  • Room Space is based on availability, and may change between Individual Sessions
  • Currently enrolled students and production cast/crew may qualify for discounts
  • Payments can be made via Cash, Check, PayPal, or Venmo, and are due on the day of the Session

Coaching Packages

Coaching Packages are great for ongoing and long-term goals: Rehearse text and build characters for performance; Build your singing and singing-acting skills; Learn and master dialects; or continue to build your vocal stamina, flexibility, and precision.

Pre-book 3, 4, or 5 Coaching Sessions to save 5% off the total cost!
Pick your dates in advance, or choose a weekly recurring Session (subject to availability)

  • Packages can be for multiple 30 min. or 1 hr. Sessions
  • 3 Sessions(full payment due by 2nd Session)
  • 4 Sessions(2 installments, 1/2 due at 2nd and 4th Sessions)
  • 5 Sessions(2 installments, 1/2 due at 2nd and 4th Sessions)

Book a package of 6 or more Coaching Sessions and save 10%

  • payment installments scheduled by invoice

Choose In-Person or Live Video Sessions, or a combination of both.

The location of In-Person Sessions may be your own space (for maximum comfort!), or can be booked at one of several rehearsal spaces in the city of Philadelphia, PA. Pre-booked and recurring coachings will default to the same location for each Session, but locations may change due to space availability, or in the event of rescheduling.


  • Rates are competitive and flexible. Current HS or college students and non-profit organizations may be billed on a sliding scale.
  • Payments can be made via PayPal or Venmo, and also by Cash or Check on the day of In-Person Sessions.
  • Clients who purchase Packages will automatically recieve an invoice for services. For Individual Sessions, please request an invoice if needed.
  • Coaching Sessions are likely to involve some amount of physical warm-up, stretching, and activity. Please dress comfortably and stay hydrated.
  • Musical Accompaniment for Singing is not included. Please bring your own accompanist or recording, or contact me to discuss options.
  • Cancellations or Rescheduling MUST be done in advance of the Session. Cancellations less than 48 hours in advance are subject to a cancellation fee of 1/2 the total price. Cancellation of an unfinished Coaching Package will not be eligible for refund, and must be paid in full or rescheduled.

Contact Matthew for more Information on Scheduling, Rates, and Payment



Choose a Workshop

Choose a workshop from the list that most closely describes your group's needs:
One Group, Many Voices (Team Building)
No Apologies: Confident Speech (Presentation Skills)
Accents in Action (Dialects/Improv)
Voice & Movement (Character Work)
Shake Out Your Shakespeare (Embodied Text) ...


Create Your Own

Work with Matthew to design your own unique workshop!

Workshops are tailored specifically to the skills and experiences you would like to achieve.

Pick a general concept, and we will collaborate to fit the workshop to the skill level and number of participants in your group.


Concepts for Creating Workshops include: Team Building, Presentation Skills, Persuasion/Argument, Dialects/Accents, Character Work, Improv Acting, Voice&Movement, Speech Technique, Textwork/Shakespeare, Interpersonal Communication ...

  • Once you have chosen a workshop or concept, contact Matthew Hultgren to discuss Rates, Schedule, and Payment. In your message, please provide a brief description of your available spaces for the workshop. (exs. small gymnasium, 50-seat classroom, proscenium stage, black box theater, etc.)
  • Prices are flexible, based on duration of the workshop, number of participants, and distance from Philadelphia, PA
  • Most workshops are 1 day, for 2-4 hours total. Two or Three-part workshops (1-2 hrs each) can be scheduled for large groups over the course of a week.
  • Suggested # of participants: 6-12, 12-20, 20-40. Even numbers are recommended for group work. Make sure you have enough space for the group. Larger numbers may be split into multiple workshops.

Contact Matthew for information on Scheduling, Rates, and Payment

Production Coaching Services


Dialect Coaching

For productions with a rehearsal schedule of 3 or more weeks, Dialect Coaching is crucial for thorough, effective dialect training.

  • Does your production require a difficult or uncommon accent? Will your actors need to alter their own personal speech patterns and expression significantly? Does the material require an invented language or accent? Or do the actors need to integrate multiple accents, while tackling other vocal/performance concerns?

If you want to incorporate accents seemlessly into your production -with consistency and artistry- dialect work is best included in the rehearsal process early and often. A Coach can be an integral part of your artistic team, and can act as support for both actors and directors.

  • Provided: In addition to full-cast and one-on-one Coaching Sessions throughout the rehearsal process, I provide the necessary accent and language research, as well as my own coaching materials and accent resources (print, audio, video) when available. Coaching begins on (or before) the first week of rehearsal, and ends with notes during Tech week.

Coaching services are priced by Package, based on the number of rehearsal weeks or Coaching Sessions/week. Session hours are flexible and can be adjusted to your rehearsal needs.

Contact Me for more information about Coaching Packages and payment schedules.

dialect Consulting

If you are involved in a production with a shorter rehearsal schedule - less than 3 weeks - or a limited budget for dialect work - less than $500 - consulting may be the way to go.

Dialect work can be presented and absorbed in a limited amount of time, however, it is important to acknowledge that the majority of the responsibility for reinforcing and practicing the accent will lie with the actors themselves.

  • Provided: Full-cast or one-on-one Coaching Sessions can be scheduled for up to 2hrs per rehearsal week. Accent resources (print, audio, video) may be made available during rehearsal sessions. Supplemental Individual Coaching Sessions for actors involved in the production are offered at a discount. Consulting can begin at any time during the rehearsal process and can end with notes during Tech week.

Consulting services are priced on a sliding scale.

Contact Me for more information.

Voice & Speech Coaching

For productions with various voice, speech, and performance concerns:

  • Developing characters with difficult or unusual vocal qualities
  • Incorporating vocal "ticks" or speech behaviors into regular text work
  • Help with Extreme vocal expressions - screaming, keening, ululating, etc...
  • Clarifying spoken dialogue, improving vocal production, volume, projection
  • Text work - scansion, imaging, operatives, personalization
  • Assistance with heightened text: poetry, classical styling, choral speaking, rhythms, speaking-into-singing, creating vocal sound effects and atmospheres

Performers can benefit from extra support during the rehearsal process, and a Vocal Coach is the perfect bridge between an actor's training and their professional performance. Vocal Coaches can be present regularly throughout the rehearsal process, or make appearances to work with the actors on specific goals. Notes can be provided to actors directly, or through the director, and can be tailored to the specific needs of the production.

Workshops can provide supplemental development experience for a cast of actors.


For more information about my professional experience, click the link below:



If you are interested in Lessons, a Workshop, or Voice/Dialect Coaching for your professional or university production, please fill out the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have any questions or special requests, include them in your message. I'd love to hear from you!

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