Production Coaching Services


Dialect Coaching

For productions with a rehearsal schedule of 3 or more weeks, Dialect Coaching is crucial for thorough, effective dialect training.

  • Does your production require a difficult or uncommon accent? Will your actors need to alter their own personal speech patterns and expression significantly? Does the material require an invented language or accent? Or do the actors need to integrate multiple accents, while tackling other vocal/performance concerns?

If you want to incorporate accents seemlessly into your production -with consistency and artistry- dialect work is best included in the rehearsal process early and often. A Coach can be an integral part of your artistic team, and can act as support for both actors and directors.

  • Provided: In addition to full-cast and one-on-one Coaching Sessions throughout the rehearsal process, I provide the necessary accent and language research, as well as my own coaching materials and accent resources (print, audio, video) when available. Coaching begins on (or before) the first week of rehearsal, and ends with notes during Tech week.

Coaching services are priced by Package, based on the number of rehearsal weeks or Coaching Sessions/week. Session hours are flexible and can be adjusted to your rehearsal needs.

Contact Me for more information about Coaching Packages and payment schedules.

dialect Consulting

If you are involved in a production with a shorter rehearsal schedule - less than 3 weeks - or a limited budget for dialect work - less than $500 - consulting may be the way to go.

Dialect work can be presented and absorbed in a limited amount of time, however, it is important to acknowledge that the majority of the responsibility for reinforcing and practicing the accent will lie with the actors themselves.

  • Provided: Full-cast or one-on-one Coaching Sessions can be scheduled for up to 2hrs per rehearsal week. Accent resources (print, audio, video) may be made available during rehearsal sessions. Supplemental Individual Coaching Sessions for actors involved in the production are offered at a discount. Consulting can begin at any time during the rehearsal process and can end with notes during Tech week.

Consulting services are priced on a sliding scale.

Contact Me for more information.

Voice & Speech Coaching

For productions with various voice, speech, and performance concerns:

  • Developing characters with difficult or unusual vocal qualities
  • Incorporating vocal "ticks" or speech behaviors into regular text work
  • Help with Extreme vocal expressions - screaming, keening, ululating, etc...
  • Clarifying spoken dialogue, improving vocal production, volume, projection
  • Text work - scansion, imaging, operatives, personalization
  • Assistance with heightened text: poetry, classical styling, choral speaking, rhythms, speaking-into-singing, creating vocal sound effects and atmospheres

Performers can benefit from extra support during the rehearsal process, and a Vocal Coach is the perfect bridge between an actor's training and their professional performance. Vocal Coaches can be present regularly throughout the rehearsal process, or make appearances to work with the actors on specific goals. Notes can be provided to actors directly, or through the director, and can be tailored to the specific needs of the production.

Workshops can provide supplemental development experience for a cast of actors.